Home measuring Service​

Take advantage of our FREE home measuring Service!

Fresco Bathrooms offer a complete service from start to finish and that includes visiting your home to measure the complete dimensions of your bathroom, taking your requirements into account and offering advice on our upcoming re-design. With your measurements we will create a 3D representation of your room, creating a range of designs for your new bathroom!

3D Design

Our free 3D software allows us to professional create and alter bathroom designs for our customers.

The process gives you and our designers the freedom to plan according to the unique specifications and measurements of the actual room.

Once we have the dimensions of your bathroom, we will input your dimensions to our system which will allow us to professionally create and alter different designs according to your requirements and our advice, we will work together to create your perfect bathroom design

If you are visiting our showroom please bring your measurements with you to benefit from this free, 3D design service, although we would suggest our fitting service before purchasing any items from the design.

Recommended Fitting Service

We recommend highly skilled and experienced tradesmen. Who boast impressive portfolio’s of work.

We have recommended a number of our fitters for over 10 years, as they deliver exceptional service time and time again.

We liaise with your fitter throughout the process to ensure that all runs smoothly.

Relax in confidence, safe in the knowledge that quality tradesmen are working hard to create the bathroom of your dreams.